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    Kogmaw script with spell prediction | collision | mouse controls for smooth orb walking. Hotkeys: "Z" - Orbwalker + Combo "X" - Auto Ult "Space" - Default Orbwalker + Combo Settings: Target champions only: "L" Player Camera: "Z" Use menu settings to adjust mouse inputs if anything weird happens. Don't press Z + Spacebar might lock game.
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    Small utility module for tracking Cooldown Tracker Panel "Gank Alerter" EXP Tracker - disabled Update (7/15) Added MIA timer on panel. Image + MIA timer on enemy last position for FOW tracking. Red line for enemy junglers. LoveUtils.omod
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    Champions supported: Kalista Vayne Kogmaw Jinx Samira Jhin Ezreal Ashe Tristana Caitlyn Twitch Utilities: Auto cleanse Auto heal Item usage Evade (Line crowdcontrol skillshots) 1 Month: $5,65 USD Buy link: https://sellix.io/product/60ef23a1d14e8 Contact me via DM's for any specific questions or Discord: invulBox#2944
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    "V" - Laneclear Key "C" - Lasthit (WIP) "Z" - Q Harass "Spacebar" - Combo + Orb Menu Settings: OrbCanMove - +/- Offset for hold position OrbCanAttack - +/- Offset OrbAutoReset - Offset for auto resets / Q auto cancel To save menu settings press Insert or Numpad0 Settings: Target champions only: "L" Auto Clease: Will add more spells, currently MorganaQ LuxQ Leona Q/R. | Don't use clease if you don't use F for it, will use flash will update that Auto W: Line skillshots w/ crowd control, don't trust fully it's a prototype for 11.4. E Logic: Will E target if can kill in 1-2 autos. Evade: Line skillshots w/ crowd control, don't trust fully it's a prototype for 11.4. Version: 1.2 (7/10) - Prediction: off | Custom removed | Evade,AutoW,AutoCleanse added Version: 1.2.1 (7/13) - Update SamiraSexual.omod SamiraSexual.omod
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    Couple of classes for script developing. Also C# isn't my favorite language and was just for personal use so "It just works" status basically. Prediction not working currently. Collision.cs Prediction.cs TargetSelect.cs Spell.cs
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