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  • OASYS Forum Rules
    (Please refer down on this page for the information on our infraction system)

    (Rules are subject to change without notice, at any time along with their corresponding point values. If you are unsure about anything then you are urged to contact a member of staff for assistance.)

    1. The sub-forums are English only! This rule can be disregarded in the language-specific sub-forums.

    2. Respect everyone! Harassment/verbal abuse, trolling/griefing, disruptive and malicious behaviour will warrant for an infraction.

    3. No disciplinary obstruction with staff! Treat staff members with the upmost respect.

    •     3.1 Comply with the staff members in scene or situation. Judgement of any staff is FINAL.

    4. Do not hijack someone else's thread unless you are requesting for a help or posting relevant content. Meaning, if someone starts a thread about one topic, do not post about a different subject. Search the forum first to see if any prior threads have been created about your problem or topic. If nothing can be found upon your search, feel free to create a thread.

    5. Spamming or abusing any system on OASYS is NOT allowed and intolerable. If by any reason you are here for strictly annoying the members in any manner, you will be dealt with accordingly. This also includes but are not limited to are: thread bumping, reply spamming and etc.

    4. We have certain sections/sub-forums for certain topics. Any post that is irrelevant to the section posting will be deleted and you will be accountable for a warning or an infraction respective to your infraction status.

    6.  Illegal contents or contents that we may deem outside the acceptable scope are strictly PROHIBITED on this site. If posted, your will receive an on-the-spot permanent ban effectively and immediately, and the legal authorities will be notified. The contents includes but are not limited to are: cracking software, key/password stealing, mail bombing, malware, server crashing, service attacks, pornographies, racism, violence or vulgar content in any sort and etc.

    7.  Ban evasion will not be tolerated. We have countless measures to track you down whether you are evading the ban or not. So please, for the sake of your and our time and effort, don't try to gamble your luck.

    • 7.1 If you are banned, you are eligible for a one-off ban appeal(means that, you only have one appeal for a ban. That's it). If you may wish to be considered for an appeal, please contact the administrator(s) through admin@oasys.zone. This does not guarantee that your appeal for the ban will be successful.
    • 7.2 Upon the successful grant of your ban appeal, you will be placed in an intensive probationary period(the duration of this period is non-disclosed), where any violation of the upper or below rules; will be a permanent ban.

    8. We use a reputation system(or formally a reaction system); abuse of this system in any way will not be tolerated. The reputation system is strictly intended for critiquing or giving an appraisal to the content of a member's post. It is not intended to be used as a vehicle for communication, critiquing a member, ego-stroking, or flaming. Asking for a reputation or hinting for reputation is also frowned upon, please refrain from doing so. The reputation system is monitored, those found abusing it in any way will receive a warning or an infraction. If you feel you're a victim of reputation abuse then please contact a member of staff so it can be investigated.

    9. It is customary to give credit where credit is due. If you use someone else's source or information then you should properly give credit by publicly stating that fact in your post. Not giving credit when it is due is frowned upon and is against the rules. Please note, that we will only acknowledge reports of dissemination if they're submitted by the original owner of the content with proof of ownership and dissemination.

    10. Each member and household are only allowed one account. You're not permitted to register or access multiple accounts for any reason, including but not limited to accessing anyone else's account or allowing someone else to access their account from your device. Anyone who has forgotten their password should attempt to use the 'forgotten password' system, or as a last resort, contact an administrator by email. The administrative email is admin@oasys.zone. 

    11. Never edit out any content from a post or a thread. It corrupts the thread and makes it useless for anyone else who may use the thread in the future. Your edited content will be restored and you will be accountable for an infraction.

    12. We do NOT want any action of Mini-modding or backseat moderating. "Mini-Modding" or "Backseat Moderating" is when a member who is NOT a staff, takes up the role (of staff) by demanding other members or taking part in staff actions such as;

    • Requesting another member to move to the correct section in a demanding manner.
    • Investigating issues that you cannot help with ("Investigations" are done by staffs and staffs only).
    • Etc. that may be deemed as mini-modding or backseat moderating

    13. It is forbidden to bypass the OASYS word filters in any way. They have been put in place for a reason. Anyone caught doing this will receive an infraction.

    14. We do not change usernames or delete posts upon common request. Also, registering a username that contains offensive words or uses characters which manipulate a username in a way that the username doesn't show correctly for staff will lead to that account being permanently banned without a notice.

    15. The staff of OASYS reserves the right to to take any moderative action indiscriminately without notice when the situation is deemed serious. This includes but are not limited to: deleting or editing posts, threads, other user generated contents, general infractions, bans and etc. 

    16. You are not permitted to engage in advertising anywhere on the forum, including via the private messaging system. This includes but is not limited to directly or indirectly advertising websites, offering money for cheats/platforms and advertising platforms. (This also includes any products, services, or discord servers and etc.)


    OASYS Infraction System


    If you are seen violating any rules of above, a warning or an infraction will be issued upon you. These infraction points are cumulative(meaning, you will receive double the amount of your last infraction point [e.g. x2, x4, x6, and so forth] ) and if you accumulate 15 or more infraction points, you will be banned. 
    Your first offense on the account will be a warning as a friendly reminder to read and acknowledge the rules(which should have already done upon registration, but exceptions are given) and any following offenses after the initial warning will be an infraction. 

    Infraction points for each categories are as follows:

    • Wrong Section - 1 Point
    • Foreign Language in Incorrect Section - 1 Point
    • Reputation Abuse - 2 Points
    • Backseat Moderating - 2 Points
    • Editing Out Post -  2 Points
    • Bypassing Filters - 4 Points
    • Thread Hijacking - 4 Points
    • Spamming - 6 Points
    • Thread Approval Spam - 6 Points
    • Member Disrespect / Trolling / Disruptive Behaviour - 6 Points
    • No Credits - 6 Points
    • Multiple Accounts - 8 Points
    • Advertising - 8 Points
    • Disciplinary Obstruction - 8 Points
    • Staff Disrespect - 10 Points
    • Probationary Indiscipline - 15 Points
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