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  1. Greetings survivors and those are not. First things first, we have released a new refreshed version of the orbwalker. Call it a Orbwalker 2.0. With the new 2.0 changes, we have improved overall performance and the individual components of the orbwalker, and those can be listed as: Improved performance Better minion target selection Minion health prediction (As time goes and feedbacks we will receive, it will be more fine tuned) More lenient SDK interactability and interoperability Now ignores traps, wards, plants and etc while orbwalking Next up, we announce that we have officially opened up the use of OASYS to the non-survivors(public users) for free of charge. However, with the free use of OASYS, there are some limitations we have put in place in order to create the segregation between the survivor subscribers and those who are not. This is so-called a Free User Policy and the limitations are: You are only allowed for 2 match-made NORMAL games per day. In order to compensate the games-per-day limit, you are allowed unlimited custom games, practice tool and tutorials. Whenever we release patch updates, you are automatically placed in a 24 hours queue This defines that you cannot use OASYS before the 24 hours queue has been released. In contrast to the Free User limitations, here are some perks that we can list for the Survivor subscribers: Allowed unlimited games for both NORMAL and RANKED Able to receive patch updates instantly A nice and unique colored name - Survivor Access to the dedicated forum for Survivor rank only Can have animated(GIF) profile photo Can have a cover photo Can have signatures in posts Posts are highlighted Access to the ChatBox Our love ❤️ and that's about it! Until next time, peace out. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  2. PayPal has been added back to offer as an alternate method for purchases.
  3. Greetings survivors. In order for us to maintain the flow of the payment, and in the best interest of our and your privacy, we have decided to scape PayPal and centralize our payment system to Coinbase. For those who aren't aware of Coinbase, it is similar to PayPal, however it is based off of Cryptocurrency. (BTC, BTC Cash, Dai, ETH, Lite and USD Coin) You are able to use your card indirectly, by linking it to your Coinbase account and buy Cryptocurrency, and continue to your normal purchases. Or otherwise, you are able to use your wallet through the Coinbase gateway. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  4. Greetings to all the survivors of the deserted land. Welcome to OASYS. We are eagerly excited to announce the release of the SDK. SDK is a denoted term for a Software Development Kit, and in our case, it is the kit to develop modules(scripts as we call here in Oasys). With our specialized SDK and if you are a C# developer, you are able to create modules related to champions, minions, turrets, evade, utility and etc whatever you call it be. If you are not a developer, it is perfectly fine! Since there is and will be modules for you to use without any technical knowledge and effort. Head over to our Github repository(https://github.com/Oasys-Zone/Oasys.SDK) and our documentation(https://oasys-zone.github.io/Oasys.SDK/) to get started. If any issues, you are more than welcome to submit issues, and any feature requests or fix, you can submit a pull request via Github. For any general development questions and help, you can always open up a thread in the development section of the forum. Should you require any help, our staff will be glad to assist you. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  5. How to Install and Use OASYS 101 So I assume you are here after you've purchased your subscription. If you haven't and want to, click on the subscriptions link at the top of the site and you'll be redirected. Now, let's go on shall we? After you have downloaded the setup file and installed it, start the loader and you will see the below screen: Simply login with your forum account, using your display name and your password. If you don't want to hassle with logging in every time you start up the loader, you can save your login credentials with the "Remember me" checkbox. After all that, you will be brought to this screen below: In this section of the loader, where you will be greeted the first hand after logging in, is the latest news section. This is where you will be provided with any latest news regarding the loader, the core and whatnot. To give you some more directed information about this section, I have drawn some pointer tips: Next up, is the modules tab: This is where you will be able to install and activate modules(are what we call scripts here). For now, module usage aren't officially released yet, so please be patient and your cake will be served. 😉 With all that, start up League and OASYS will be loaded automatically. You can double check this by seeing whether if a small console window has popped up or not. There will be times where OASYS will crash unexpectedly for unknown errors and such, don't panic. Just close OASYS and as you've seen few steps above, click on the "Start OASYS Button", and you'll be able to get straight back into your game with OASYS. Just to give some preview on when OASYS is loaded: For some key bind information: Keys : Spacebar - OrbWalker V - All Clear ( attacks everything in range ) C - Last hitting minions Left CTRL - Target Override ( Attacks the selected target no matter what ) That's it for now, until next time, peace out. 😄
  6. Greetings to all the survivors of the deserted land. Welcome to OASYS. The long awaited game has just concluded, and we have a good news to be delivered. With months and countless sleep-deprived nights of development and a lengthy internal and beta testing, we are excited to announce the full release of OASYS. If you haven't already, please read this post to inform yourself about OASYS. To give some little description, OASYS is a platform for a fully external scripting service. Fully external? Yes, we take the advantage of the external memory reading(in short, RPM) with the best understanding of security equipped. Security will be guaranteed to the fullest extent and we have currently implemented such bypass vectors. Although the word bypass seems sceptical and/or somewhat little too overkill, it is done to maximise further security of the platform as a backup plan if things don't go too well. But don't worry, it won't ever happen in the time of our existence, BUT there's always an IF. Our primary mission is to create a perfect external framework for community based content created League of Legends scripting. With that aside, In order to gain access to OASYS, you will need to have a survivor subscription. To cover our development and in order for us to deliver our users fresh and quality product, we have set the price at $25 USD. To purchase one, on the top of the site, click "Subscriptions" link. Please also note that, the subscription is valid for 30 days and renews on demand. The features of OASYS includes: Range Circle Drawing Evade Drawing Fully Fledged Orbwalker (Orbwalking/Kiting, Target Selection, Minion Laneclear and Lasthit) Cooldown Tracker Recall Tracker .... and many more awaits! Soon, there will be another upcoming post detailing on how to install and use OASYS top to bottom extensively. For now, if you join our Discord server community, our staffs will be glad to help on the installation and usage. Otherwise, you can also simply create a thread in the support section. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  7. OASYS is a community where we aim to provide streamline service to top up the external scripting experience. It offers a grand scale features from lag-free drawing, spell cooldown tracker, evade, orbwalker and much more. The program is expanded and maintained by @Zero and the development team. You're able to develop your own script(or Module, as we formally refer) by using our full fledged Core and the Module Development Kit (MDK). This is a very small scale and project in order for us deliver more rich content and service, we need your help to make it happen. Donations are welcome(but not forced*) and If you are an intermediate or a someone who has a notable experience in .NET and C# development, please contact via PM. Members are free to register and join the community. Should you require any help, our staff will be glad to assist you. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
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