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  1. Unfortunately with the information provided, I cannot resolve your issue. If you have Discord, please come through our server. Otherwise, please PM on the forum.
  2. Zero




    Autistic Xerath module


  3. You are freely able to upload your modules to the ModuleDB. However, to maintain the modules safe and secure from the official place of support, we have implemented a guideline around the module which will be regulated with a queue. If your module does not meet the standards of the guideline, it will be rejected. You are also able to upload a paid module which the profits you have made can be withdrawn to your PayPal account automatically upon request (However, you are contracted to pay 20% commission which is deducted automatically). To maintain the level of quality between the regular free modules and paid modules, and to upload a paid module; you are required to be a survivor subscriber and are subjected to a more profound standards of the guideline. The guideline is as below: Modules cannot download any sort of files from an external source (To have them downloaded, you are to contact us by either PM or on Discord for a manual review) Modules cannot establish any form of internet connection or use shell executes or other methods to force a user to load a website except to our forum Modules cannot be malicious at any intent. By meaning malicious are not limited to but can include: malware, ad/spam-ware, worm etc. Modules cannot be sold outside the official place of support (Currently strictly limited to ModuleDB) Modules cannot be obfuscated or encrypted in any ways (If you do want to have it obfuscated, you can ask us to do it for you) Modules cannot have advertising materials to external sources or files but only for the module itself The guideline is subjected to change at any given time without any prior notice, so please be vigilant on the guidelines. if the module are deemed to be a violation of a strong case of the guideline, it can be rejected and be blacklisted from the ModuleDB and from loading them. This also applies if a module has been found sold outside of the ModuleDB. If you are currently selling a module, you have a grace period of 3 days from now to submit your module as paid in the ModuleDB. The Modules sub-forum can now only contain images and videos regarding the module but not the module file itself. If you are found circumventing this, you will be dealt accordingly.
  4. Greetings survivors! We are excited to announce our integration of module database(or in short, ModuleDB). You are able to download modules from a centralized place, or either from the loader conveniently. Navigate to the "Module Database" button on top of the forum, and you'll be directed to the ModuleDB where abundance of modules awaits. You can also upvote, downvote and leave reviews on the modules that you like and help improve the modules with the reviews. If you don't like using the ModuleDB either by the forum or the loader, you can still download from an external source and install it. However, as the modules from the external sources are not regulated by us, you are ultimately held responsible for any damages caused and are at risk. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  5. Just noticed. Please re-upload the file with .omod extension.
  6. Updated Improved halting combo (It should now cast the combo correctly with addition of accounting in E ball speed) Added mana check
  7. WTFXerath - Autistic Xerath Hello survivors and those who are not, I am releasing an alpha version of my Xerath module. It is a bit wonky and buggy, and might be autistic time to time however, it is planned to be improved as time passes. Features included: E, W Halting Combo: This will slow down enemies movement Q Harassment R Ball Prediction (This one isn't really perfect at the moment) Comes with a path prediction (Needs improvement) Combos are activatable with space key(default) or your Oasys's combo key set. You can activate R with Left Shift key. Please let me know in the replies for any suggestion of features and issues. If you would like to contribute to this module by code, come through the repo link below. Github source: https://github.com/ZeroLP/WTFXerath WTFXerath.omod
  8. Greetings to all survivors of the deserted land, We have prepared a very short survey to hear your opinions. Please fill out respectively. Thank you. Survey Form: https://forms.gle/n87KD2f9oyNc156JA Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  9. Just for a short update. If you were experiencing a crash, it has now been fixed. Apologies for any inconveniences.
  10. Greetings to all survivors of the deserted land, We would like to announce the update for the 11.18 patch and the be-waited release of Oasys version 2. With the version 2 of the update and release, overall performance has been optimized with now being more robust and versatile. To share a bit of the statistic, version 2 performs with 58% increased performance compared to version 1; meaning that the usage of the CPU has been dropped drastically. We have also switched our platform target from 32bit(x86) to 64bit(x64) to allow us more efficient use of the memory allocated by and for Oasys, with addition of porting of the runtime. Now, enough with the technical talk. Where can I download it from? You can download as per usual using the Download button in the menu at the top of the forum. In order to run the version 2 in smooth sail, you are required to install the below prerequisites: .NET 5.0 Runtime - https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-5.0.9-windows-x64-installer Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 - https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe If you are a current user, you will also need to delete the Oasys folder inside your AppData directory or otherwise, clear the contents out. This release consists of a new loader, with a touched up design of the UI, fixes for loader issues and added additional and new settings to the loader. So please explore. As we are putting out a new release of the software, free users will be exempted from the update queue and the games limit. Enjoy. If any issues, please create a support thread or directly let us know via our Discord server. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  11. Hello fellow survivors. As we are advancing further as a community, we have came to a decision of lowering the subscription price to provide everyone more opportunities to experience Oasys. The price of the subscription will be lowered to US$15 per 30 days. That is it for this announcement, and until next time; peace out. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
  12. Hello fellow survivors. Upon performing an unscheduled maintenance throughout the forum, we have noticed an issue with the subscription system. The subscription system had been incorrectly configured where the subscriptions were not expiring. This issue has been fixed and as an effect, current subscribers has their subscription expiry set and for those who should have had their subscription expired in the past, has now been expired. Apologies for any inconveniences occurred. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
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  15. Greetings survivors and those are not. First things first, we have released a new refreshed version of the orbwalker. Call it a Orbwalker 2.0. With the new 2.0 changes, we have improved overall performance and the individual components of the orbwalker, and those can be listed as: Improved performance Better minion target selection Minion health prediction (As time goes and feedbacks we will receive, it will be more fine tuned) More lenient SDK interactability and interoperability Now ignores traps, wards, plants and etc while orbwalking Next up, we announce that we have officially opened up the use of OASYS to the non-survivors(public users) for free of charge. However, with the free use of OASYS, there are some limitations we have put in place in order to create the segregation between the survivor subscribers and those who are not. This is so-called a Free User Policy and the limitations are: You are only allowed for 2 match-made NORMAL games per day. In order to compensate the games-per-day limit, you are allowed unlimited custom games, practice tool and tutorials. Whenever we release patch updates, you are automatically placed in a 24 hours queue This defines that you cannot use OASYS before the 24 hours queue has been released. In contrast to the Free User limitations, here are some perks that we can list for the Survivor subscribers: Allowed unlimited games for both NORMAL and RANKED Able to receive patch updates instantly A nice and unique colored name - Survivor Access to the dedicated forum for Survivor rank only Can have animated(GIF) profile photo Can have a cover photo Can have signatures in posts Posts are highlighted Access to the ChatBox Our love ❤️ and that's about it! Until next time, peace out. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
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