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How to Install and Use OASYS 101

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How to Install and Use OASYS 101


So I assume you are here after you've purchased your subscription. If you haven't and want to,  click on the subscriptions link at the top of the site and you'll be redirected. 

Now, let's go on shall we? After you have downloaded the setup file and installed it, start the loader and you will see the below screen:



Simply login with your forum account, using your display name and your password. If you don't want to hassle with logging in every time you start up the loader, you can save your login credentials with the "Remember me" checkbox. 

After all that, you will be brought to this screen below:


In this section of the loader, where you will be greeted the first hand after logging in, is the latest news section. This is where you will be provided with any latest news regarding the loader, the core and whatnot. 

To give you some more directed information about this section, I have drawn some pointer tips: 



Next up, is the modules tab: 


This is where you will be able to install and activate modules(are what we call scripts here). For now, module usage aren't officially released yet, so please be patient and your cake will be served. 😉

With all that, start up League and OASYS will be loaded automatically. You can double check this by seeing whether if a small console window has popped up or not. There will be times where OASYS will crash unexpectedly for unknown errors and such, don't panic. Just close OASYS and as you've seen few steps above, click on the "Start OASYS Button", and you'll be able to get straight back into your game with OASYS.

Just to give some preview on when OASYS is loaded:




For some key bind information:

Keys :

Spacebar - OrbWalker 
V - All Clear ( attacks everything in range )
C - Last hitting minions
Left CTRL - Target Override ( Attacks the selected target no matter what ) 


That's it for now, until next time, peace out. 😄

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