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    Greetings survivors and those are not. First things first, we have released a new refreshed version of the orbwalker. Call it a Orbwalker 2.0. With the new 2.0 changes, we have improved overall performance and the individual components of the orbwalker, and those can be listed as: Improved performance Better minion target selection Minion health prediction (As time goes and feedbacks we will receive, it will be more fine tuned) More lenient SDK interactability and interoperability Now ignores traps, wards, plants and etc while orbwalking Next up, we announce that we have officially opened up the use of OASYS to the non-survivors(public users) for free of charge. However, with the free use of OASYS, there are some limitations we have put in place in order to create the segregation between the survivor subscribers and those who are not. This is so-called a Free User Policy and the limitations are: You are only allowed for 2 match-made NORMAL games per day. In order to compensate the games-per-day limit, you are allowed unlimited custom games, practice tool and tutorials. Whenever we release patch updates, you are automatically placed in a 24 hours queue This defines that you cannot use OASYS before the 24 hours queue has been released. In contrast to the Free User limitations, here are some perks that we can list for the Survivor subscribers: Allowed unlimited games for both NORMAL and RANKED Able to receive patch updates instantly A nice and unique colored name - Survivor Access to the dedicated forum for Survivor rank only Can have animated(GIF) profile photo Can have a cover photo Can have signatures in posts Posts are highlighted Access to the ChatBox Our love ❤️ and that's about it! Until next time, peace out. Enjoy your stay, and as always; Adapt, Overcome and Dominate. OASYS Staff Team
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